Woodland Park Zoo

Conservation Action Center Interactive

Woodland Park Zoo Conservation Field House




Belle & Wissell, Co.




Senior Interactive Developer at Belle & Wissell, Co.


  • Gabe Kean, Principal
  • Thomas Ryun, Creative Director
  • Sarah Trueblood, Studio Producer
  • Edward Tang, Technology Lead
  • Edrea Lita, Senior Designer
  • Eric Harvey, Designer
  • Alex Maurouard, Development Intern
  • Natalie Karbelnig, Studio Coordinator


  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Non-Profit
  • Touch Table
  • Installation
  • Front-End Development
  • Multitouch


  • Adobe AIR
  • ActionScript
  • Starling

The Conservation Field House at the Woodland Park Zoo is an immersive media experience giving zoo visitors a glimpse into the livelihoods of field biologists working to protect tiger populations and their habitats.

I developed a tablet interactive experience with three activities that invite visitors to envision themselves as part of the tiger conservation effort.

The Conservation Quiz matches visitors with a key actor in the tiger conservation effort; Notes of Gratitude lets visitors sign and send a thank you note to individuals in the field; and Tiger To-Do List has visitors design a custom pledge of commitment to be a part of positive change.

Woodland Park Zoo