Gallery 218 Wall Interactive

SFMOMA Painting and Sculpture Interpretive Gallery




Belle & Wissell, Co.




Senior Interactive Developer at Belle & Wissell, Co.


  • Gabe Kean, Principal
  • Sarah Trueblood, Studio Producer
  • Edward Tang, Technology Lead
  • Thomas Ryun, Creative Director
  • Edrea Lita, Senior Designer
  • Eric Harvey, Senior Designer
  • Natalie Karbelnig, Studio Coordinator
  • Nathan Harris, Back End Developer
  • Serge Bokach, Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Sina Bahram, Accessibility Consultant


  • Museum
  • Cultural Icon
  • Art & Design
  • Interactive Wall
  • Installation
  • Front-End Development
  • Accessibility
  • Multitouch
  • Motion Sensor
  • Speech Synthesis


  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • Less


SFMOMA's Gallery 218 is designed as the culminating space visitors experience after exploring the painting and sculpture galleries—a place to reflect and make meaningful connections to art and artists.

I led development of a large wall interactive experience central to the gallery that presents art stories in three formats. Artists at Work explores artists and their process, New Views on Modern Art makes thematic connections between artworks, and Getting Closer to Modern Artworks lets visitors zoom into and explore hidden details of key objects from the collection.


Eyes-Free Mode

The interactive experience features an Eyes-Free Mode that provides visitors with low vision or without sight rich access to the content of the experience. Through location-agnostic touch-based interaction with audio feedback, visitors can freely navigate the full content of the interactive. Wherever possible, Eyes-Free Mode preserves the unique content presentation that sighted visitors experience.

We worked with Accessibility Consultant Sina Bahram to design this experience. Our collaboration and design/technical solutions became the subject of a paper and talk at the Museums and the Web MW17 conference.