Seattle Public Library

Library Visitor Center Interactive

Seattle Central Library Visitor Center Exhibit




Belle & Wissell, Co.




Senior Interactive Developer at Belle & Wissell, Co.


  • Gabe Kean, Principal
  • Thomas Ryun, Creative Director
  • Edrea Lita, Senior Designer
  • Eric Harvey, Designer
  • Sarah Trueblood, Studio Producer
  • Natalie Karbelnig, Content Developer
  • Edward Tang, Technology Lead
  • Serge Bokach, Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Aleen Adams, Curatorial Consultant
  • Jacob McMurray, Curatorial Consultant
  • Lockwood & Sons, Design/Build Partner


  • Visitor Center
  • Cultural Icon
  • Non-Profit
  • Education
  • Touch Table
  • Installation
  • Front-End Development
  • 3D
  • Multitouch


  • Adobe AIR
  • ActionScript
  • Away3D
  • Starling

The Seattle Public Library partnered with Belle & Wissell to create a new interactive visitor experience at the iconic Seattle Central Library. This exhibit welcomes and encourages visitors to experience the library anew, learn more about the deign and history building, and celebrate the indispensable civic role the library plays.

Seattle Public Library

I led development of a touch-based interactive experience within the exhibit stations. The interactive centers around a stylized rotatable 3D schematic model of the building and features a host of StoryCorps produced audio interviews.

Seattle Public Library
Seattle Public Library